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Project Description

OSBLE (Online Studio-Based Learning Environment, pronounced "Oz-bull") is a learning management system that supports teaching and learning communities rooted in the studio-based learning model. OSBLE enables instructors to set up and maintain online course presences with a variety of features, including an activity feed, calendar, integrated gradebook, shared filespace, and internal e-mail system. In addition, instructors can define sophisticated studio-based assignments with multiple (iterative) submissions, reviews ("design crits"), voting sessions on issues raised in the reviews, discussions, and author rebuttals. Reviews can be moderated by disciplinary professionals, and can be run single or double-blind. Assignments can be handed in by individuals or teams.

Another key feature of OSBLE is its support for communties of teachers and professionals. Teachers can share materials (assignments, rubrics, issue categories), student-student interactions, and student-instructor interactions from their active courses with those in their communities. When community members view shared items, students are automatically anonymized, so that such sharing does not violate privacy laws pertaining to academic records. Moreover, instructors can easily inject discipliinary professionals into review, issue voting, and author rebuttal activities, such that the identities of both students and professionals remain anonymous.

OSBLE+ is a branch of OSBLE which merges the OSBIDE Visual Studio plugin data collection tools for future learning analytics development in the OSBLE learning environment.

OSBLE is developed in C#, MVC 3, Javascript, and Silverlight using Visual Studio 2010.

OSBLE is freely hosted at and OSBLE+ is hosted at For more details on this project, see To view a video on the project, go to the HELP Lab YouTube page.

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